Jan 17, 2009

Top 10 Banks of India

As of 16 January 2009 the top 14 listed banks of India are:

Name of Bank Market Cap
billion $ *
State Bank of India 15.26 Public Sector
ICICI Bank 9.73 Private Sector
HDFC Bank 8.21 Private Sector
State Bank of Mysore 3.91 Public Sector
Axis Bank 3.29 Private Sector
Punjab National Bank 2.96 Public Sector
Bank of India 2.75 Public Sector
Kotak Mahindra Bank 2.25 Private Sector
Bank of Baroda 1.82 Public Sector
Canara Bank 1.70 Public Sector
Union Bank 1.60 Public Sector
IDBI Bank 0.90 Public Sector
Indian Overseas Bank 0.75 Public Sector
Central Bank 0.33 Public Sector

Out of 14 banks only 4 are private sector banks emphasizing the important role of public sector banks in the Indian Banking system. The public sector banks are so called as the government is the major shareholder in these banks and has a lot of authority in their policies and actions.
Here are the financials of these banks.

Name of Bank Assets Net Sales Net Profit
State Bank of India 110.32 10.09 1.39
ICICI Bank 60.88 6.35 0.86
HDFC Bank 20.45 2.09 0.33
State Bnk My 5.65 0.51 0.07
Axis Bank 18.08 1.44 0.22
PNB 33.75 2.94 0.42
Bank of India 30.72 2.55 0.41
Kotak Mahindra Bank 4.54 0.52 0.06
Bank of Baroda 29.44 2.44 0.30
Canara Bank 30.45 2.93 0.32
Union Bank 21.44 1.95 0.29
IDBI Bank 22.83 1.65 0.15
IOB 17.44 1.64 0.25
Central Bank 20.97 1.65 0.11

State Bank of India (SBI) is clearly the dominant player in the Indian Banking Industry. It is the only bank of India with profit above 1 billion dollar. However, SBI is very small comparison to the top banks in the world. While Royal Bank of Scotland has assets worth about 2 trillion dollars, SBI's total assets value is about110 billion dollars. It will take some time before Indian banks become significant at the world level.

*The conversion rate of 1$ ~ 48.5 Indian Rupees has been taken for above data.

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